When Are You Going to Get Tired Enough of Sleepless Nights?

After countless nights of pacing back and forth, lying in bed looking at the ceiling and waking up feeling extremely groggy and looking like a zombie, why have not you done something?

There are no excuses for not getting a good night of rest. It is imperative that you sleep every night for at least seven hours in order to wake up feeling refreshed and to operate at maximum functioning capacity. There are so many outlets out there to aid you in getting a good night's sleep, so let's get started.

You may say to yourself that it is no big deal if you battle insomnia during the week, because you always have the weekend to catch up on sleep. This is the largest misconception, because you are doing more harm than good overall. Taking frequent naps a couple times per week will never allow your body to follow its natural sleep cycle and get back on track towards a healthy pattern.

Is not your insomnia to the point where it is frustrating you and driving you crazy? Well, good, because sometimes frustration is just the motivation you need to do something about your problems. If you know that you are expected to be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep, and you are only getting two to four, does not that motivate you to take action and relax your body?

You can not allow yourself to get to a point where your eyes are bloodshot and you are forgetting things left and right. This is not only a matter of getting a little rest to be able to function at your job and at home, but it really is a matter of life and death. You are continuing to add years to your life, and harm your body and mind if you do not allow yourself to take the time to figure out what are the main causes of your sleeplessness.

Part of the problem may be that your peer group has been influencing you for far too long about taking power naps in order to get by during the day. Most working professionals just simply grab their coffee in the morning, drudge in to work, and then continue their day at a minimum performance level. They figure that, as long as they can get by doing the required amount of work, then what would be the point of getting more sleep. Others take it to the other extreme, and want to be over-achievers in life. They feel that they can not accomplish all that they need to without they bring their work home and stay up half the night. Obviously one of these behaviors is healthy, and both lead to many nights of restlessness.

So, it's okay to get tired of this behavior. No one will fault you for wanting to take care of yourself and get more sleep. And if they do, all you have to do is get a note from your doctor, because he or she will instruct you that your frequent waking during the night will eventually catch up with you and do you harm.

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